Thursday, June 28, 2007

Profile Falls, Bristol, NH

This past weekend, we took our vistor Donna to Profile Falls to photograph. I will be sharing a few more images from one of greatest weekends. Finding my moose really added to our to weekend and spending time with Donna, her mom Kathy and stepdad Paul.

As I mentioned earlier I am learning how to photograph falls. I played with settings and mastered jumping rocks with my tripod and camera :).


madcobug said...

You did good with both the falls and the Moose. Helen

radar446 said...

Sometimes the hardest part of waterfall photography is jumping those rocks to get into position.  I like how the pics turned out!  Looks like a very beautiful waterfall.


nhd106 said...

Well done!!


inafrnz247 said...

oooh these are pretty...  dang, I need to get out more..