Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wings of Freedom Tour at Laconia Airport

Consolidated B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft"

P-51 Mustang "Little Friend" (My husband Bob's photo)

Earl "Smitty" Smith

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine O Nine"

P-51 Mustang "Little Friend"

I had marked my calendar to attend The Wings of Freedom Tour at Laconia Airport to see the planes and take some pictures. I was excited about it. On display were two historical fighter boomers: a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine O Nine, and a B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft" with an escort fighter, North American P-51 named "Betty Jane."
I was able to actually tour the inside of the bombers, and found that the interior conditions were very tight and cramped. The crew, I was told, numbered 10 or 11. In that special place I could feel and imagine our brave flying crews bombing their targets during WW2...the dangers they experienced. Attending the Wings of Freedom Tour made me realize how brave our servicemen have always been, fighting for our freedom.
I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Earl "Smitty" Smith, who flew on the B-17 as a gunner in the belly turret. My husband mentioned to me that flying in the belly turret was the most dangerous place to be in the bomber. If they lost their landing gear, the gunners who flew in the belly turret would certainly lose their lives when the plane landed.
As I walked around I could hear several stories of flights and missions. There was a young woman there who knew all about her father's missions. He had been captured and made a prisoner of war. She had all the dates and research with her and proudly shared her story with a man who was most impressed with the extent of her knowledge about her father's tour of duty.
I had gone to Laconia Airport to take pictures but came away uplifted by a patriotic feeling that made me proud to be an American.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I never noticed before, the changing color of the roadside ferns. Their color changes in the fall, from shades of greens to golden color, with touches of brown.

We drove passed a patch of ferns, with perfect lighting late afternoon. I asked my husband to stop and turn around, he is very patient and is used to my requests.

"What the heck do you see?" "Look at the beautiful light on the ferns and the colors on the side of the road." "I would have never noticed and driven pass the ferns."
Smiling, that is why I am the photographer he isn't. He actually does have a great eye and will pick up a camera once a while. I will post a few of his images.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Book Feature: HOW TO FIND (and photograph) THE PHOTO-SCENICS IN VERMONT By Arnold J. Kaplan

Bob and I are planning a few side trips to Vermont and during our research Bob came across an outstanding book HOW TO FIND (and photograph) THE PHOTO-SCENICS IN VERMONT By Arnold J. Kaplan. I purchased the book and was so impressed with the information I wanted to share with my readers who might want to visit Vermont and find scenic places to photograph.

Book description:
"A mile by mile, turn by turn explanation of how to find 23 of the most farmhouse photo picturtorial scenes in Vermont with special Hints and Tips on the best time of day and best lighting conditions needed. Detailed maps of all the small country roads to you lead you to the Photo-Scenics. PLUS tripod hole diagrams to put your camera in the right place for the best composition." Arnold has added an insert of his images an a cd of his images plus update reports of the scenic areas. How could you go wrong with this book???? Arnold J. Kaplan author of this 5 star book (my rating), is 93 years old, still going strong he told me, Arnold has 80 years of photos. His photography is outstanding!!!

You are able to see his scenic photos by clicking on this Photo Guide for Vermont with tips on photo locations for fall foliage (click on the middle arrow to start the slide show and the book image if you wish to order.)

"I wrote this book years ago, because photographers would come up to Vermont and become frustrated because they could not find the scenes they had seen in calendars , greeting cards, magazines and books, and I was one of them. It took me three years of roaming around in the back roads of Vermont, and when I found one, I would record the directions. I did this until I found almost two dozen of the famous photo-scenics and finally wrote to book to help other photographers find them. Even Eastman-Kodak used my book when they sent a team of photographers to do a show featuring Vermont."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lee's Mills Steamboat Meet & Event

Last year a friend mentioned I should photograph the Lee's Mills Steamboat Meets and Events, held at on Lake Winnipesaukee, Moultonborough Town Docks. Sept. 11-20, 2009 their 37th year. You still have time to visit the event.
I found hobbyist, who built or bought extraordinary steam engine boats. Offering free rides, willing to share information about their boats. The event was really nice experience and offered me great photo opportunities.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Signs of Fall 2009

Bob and I were returning home from a Vermont trip we took back roads home looking for photo opportunities.
On RT. 25a, Wentworth, NH, I spotted in the distance beautiful swamp maples turning red at the Lower Bakers Pond. Swamp maples are always one of first trees you will notice turning red, a sure sign of the beginning of fall.