Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunset on Lake Waukewan

One of my favorite spots for sunset is Lake Waukewan, Meredith, NH. After a delicious dinner at Camp, located in the Chase House at Mill Falls, I notice we might make sunset at Lake Waukewan. As luck would have it, I found clouds, boaters and swimmers onthe lake adding interest tomyimages. A perfect setting and end to a nice day.

Swimmers not wanting to end the day.

A photo mistake I liked and kept.

Even the boaters took in the sunset.

Perfect Sunset

Dock, boat, Sunset

Friday, July 17, 2009

Conway, New Hampshire, Saco and Swift River Covered Bridges

Bob (my husband) and I decided a few years ago to find and photograph all of New Hampshire's 55 covered bridges, to date we have found all but three covered bridges and they are located in the North Country, we need to get there to complete our project.

Swift River Covered Bridge

Our adventure has been fun, exploring new areas to us around the state. I shoot repeat images of the bridges plus trying to photograph the bridges each season of the year and always looking for better lighting....always striving for a better shot of the bridges.

Saco River Covered Bridge

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Back Yard Photography

Last week I was busy with company, we had a wonderful visit. I took few pictures last week but today I was having the need to go shooting. I decided to go outside in my yard and see what I could find.

I spotted the rustic bench with great lighting.

The water feature caught my eye with afternoon sun high-lighting the area!!! Perfect!!!

While waiting for birds to land on the trees, I turned and discovered great lighting on the ferns.

I set myself on the upper level deck and stake out, waiting for birds to land on the trees. The feeders were below the tree line.

My photography need was filled today, with this shot of Grosbeak.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lupines, Wildflowers, White Mountain and Photo Lesson

Field of Lupine and Wildflowers with the back drop of the White Mountains

Low view of Lupine reaching towards the sky.
Testing this technique of low shot of the tracks on the Cog Railroad

On a shoot, I had the pleasure of spending a day with a professional photographer Dale. Bob and I were showing her the North Conway area, stopping naturally to photograph scenic areas.
One of the scenic areas, a popular stop off of RT. 302, we found at this time of year Lupine and wildflowers mixed in the field with scenic backdrop of the White Mountains.Dale taught me how to get down low, angle and placing the camera towards the sky, a creative way of shooting flowers. I need practice but a couple of shots were worth saving.
This technique cans apply to any shooting, she was hanging out of steam engine on the Cog railroads, low towards the track. Another attempt of the new technique of mine, on the track of the Cog Railroad. As you can see it creates a dramatic feel to the images.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sunrise On Top Of Mt. Washington Adventure

Early morning sun on top of Mt. Washington

Hiking trail and stone trail markers

Many tourists have attended Mt. Washington's sunrise, experiencing outstanding views. Would I go back again for the sunrise, in a heartbeat but I would check the weather before I go.
Last weekend my NEPE group met for sunrise on top of Mt. Washington 3:30 am. Because of the rainy weather only 6 of our members were brave enough to attempt the event, you never know, NH weather could change in a heartbeat and we could luck out...we took a chance.
We piled into Will's van and started our journey; we were #2 in the line. About 5 minutes into the drive fog started coming in, #1 car took off (we think he might have been an employee and knew the road) and we ended up the lead car. The fog was becoming thicker and thicker, you could not see more than two feet ahead. At one point Dale went behind the wheel of the van and Will walked in front of the van leading the way. We found a pull over and stopped!!! Thankfully a Mt. Washington truck pulled into the pull over and he lead the way to the top of summit.We made it to the top and for about 5 secs you could see stars and then fog took over!!!!
My photos did not turn out, I have never taken photos in heavy fog before. On the descend, still foggy but not as bad, the sun appeared for about 5 minutes and I took advantage of the welcome sun. I consider my adventure an experience of lifetime.