Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crawford Notch, New Hampshire Ice Climbers

We took a ride to North Conway and the Notches looking for photo opportunities and to my surprise found ice climbers.  Our weather had been mild for a few days and I was not expecting to see ice climbing, figuring the ice might not be frozen enough for a climb. 

I admire the men and women who are in my opinion who adventurous and brave to climb a mountain covered with ice. Watching the climbers they take no chances and think out each move and appear to really enjoy their sport.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Central Street, Franklin NH, Old Post Card, My Photo Taken Years Later

My husband started a new hobby, collecting old post cards.  I never realized the historical value of his collection until viewing one of his post cards, Central Street, Franklin, NH. 

 I actually duplicated the same viewpoint photo a few years ago.  I love the comparison, changes over the years.  My photo shows a few of the old buildings are still standing.