Friday, August 17, 2007

Setting Up My New Site and Smell the Flowers Slide Show


I have been busy becoming familiar and setting up my new site One of the galleries I am setting up, are Smelling The Flowers. I decided to create a slide show to show you the flowers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Editing Photos: Tepoca CA, Death Valley Images

A few weeks ago Photosite (site where many of us used to display our images) sent out an email they are closing their doors the end of September.  Scrambling for a new site, I decided to use  The ultimate in photo sharing. Online photo albums, photo sharing, photo hosting and photo storage. - powered by SmugMug. SmugMug offers many new options and harder to set up but in the long run, I feel will work out great.  Betty Pauwels (bpdphotos)'s photos - powered by SmugMug

Setting up in my travel section, my Death Valley Gallery, I went back to my originals, with my new found Photo Shop knowledge, worked on a few images taken in Tepoca, CA. I use curves, clone and few other needed tools.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Humorous Also Talented Photographer JRyle79

All images featured are taken by John Ryle, shown and shared with his permission.

I have mentioned the Photo Chat I have participated in the last few years on AOL.  The chat has allowed me to meet in person very talended photographers, novices like me, authors and professionals who have been willing to share their photography secrets with me...making me a better photographer.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting JRyle79 but have "talked" to him in the chat, watching his photography improve and grow...John is a very talented photographer. BUT in addition to his talent, he has a wonderful sense of humor and at times will apply to his photography. 
Kentucky Journal and his Flickr site

My full name is John Ryle, and I'm 27.  I live in Lexington, Kentucky.  I've been taking pictures for three and a half years or so now.  I'm self taught, and until recently been using point and shoot cameras.  In April I purchased my first DSLR.  Until recently, photography was something I did for myself....but I'm now starting to learn a camera can open a lot of doors, as well as make ya some money.  I've been exhibited several times, and I've won a few contests.