Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Editing Photos: Tepoca CA, Death Valley Images

A few weeks ago Photosite (site where many of us used to display our images) sent out an email they are closing their doors the end of September.  Scrambling for a new site, I decided to use  The ultimate in photo sharing. Online photo albums, photo sharing, photo hosting and photo storage. - powered by SmugMug. SmugMug offers many new options and harder to set up but in the long run, I feel will work out great.  Betty Pauwels (bpdphotos)'s photos - powered by SmugMug

Setting up in my travel section, my Death Valley Gallery, I went back to my originals, with my new found Photo Shop knowledge, worked on a few images taken in Tepoca, CA. I use curves, clone and few other needed tools.


cmishvicki said...

Great job, Betty! See you on SmugMug. :)

radar446 said...

Hate that you are losing your Photosite, but sounds like Smugmug will be able to fill in the void that they have left.  It can be a real pain switching hosts for pictures, shoot it was an ordeal when I transferred my gallery over to my other account.  Hope your transition is smoother.


stupidsheetguy said...

Well, sorry about Photosite, good luck in your new digs at Smugmug. The desert photos are a great start. Nicely done!

mamegirl said...

Betty, When - and whenever - you have to change, please be sure to send me
the link - I'd hate to miss any of your pictures!  PLEASE..... ?

rdautumnsage said...

Your images are so precise and beautiful, I tend to feel as though I'm seeing Death Valley myself rather than through a few photos. Wonderful job dear heart. I'm going to check out SmugMug just to see what that's about. (Hugs) Indigo