Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sugar Hill Lupine Festival, 2009

Sugar Hill Farm, early morning.

Lupine and Buttercups

Lupine Field and mountain back drop.

St. Matthew's Chapel, Sugar Hill, NH

Lupine bordering St. Matthew's Chapel, Sugar Hill, NH

Busy, busy time of year but fun, we are having company, we attended my husband's class reunion, we had work done on our house and photography meeting with my NEPE photo group.
Last weekend we meet at Sugar Hill for the Lupine Festival, the festival is still running until June 21, you won't be disappointed, the colors are beautiful. Our group met on the best day of the weekend, beautiful weather.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi eveyone, I have been away and need to get back into the swing of posting. Most of my photography was personal, a class reunion,hockey, photography a baby for a first Father's Day present. I would not want to bore anyone with those images.

Returning home I notice my blog links are missing on my journal. If you would be so kind, please send me your links...much appreciated....I enjoy sharing my favorite blogs.