Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lupines, Wildflowers, White Mountain and Photo Lesson

Field of Lupine and Wildflowers with the back drop of the White Mountains

Low view of Lupine reaching towards the sky.
Testing this technique of low shot of the tracks on the Cog Railroad

On a shoot, I had the pleasure of spending a day with a professional photographer Dale. Bob and I were showing her the North Conway area, stopping naturally to photograph scenic areas.
One of the scenic areas, a popular stop off of RT. 302, we found at this time of year Lupine and wildflowers mixed in the field with scenic backdrop of the White Mountains.Dale taught me how to get down low, angle and placing the camera towards the sky, a creative way of shooting flowers. I need practice but a couple of shots were worth saving.
This technique cans apply to any shooting, she was hanging out of steam engine on the Cog railroads, low towards the track. Another attempt of the new technique of mine, on the track of the Cog Railroad. As you can see it creates a dramatic feel to the images.


Michele said...

Ah, how much better of post can this be...!
Lupines, rails and mountains, oh my!
Everything that I so adore in my daily hikes around my area.

Remarkable photography, I am especially drawn to the Cog Railroad... has quite a dramatic effect in your photo layout.

Have a nice weekend!

Julie said...

Love the shots, I am going to have to try that with some of the purple cone flowers I have, they should be tall enough.

Betty said...

Thanks for the comments Julie and Michele. I have fun learning new techniques.

Nancy said...

Terrfic entry all around! Love the photos mucho...