Friday, July 17, 2009

Conway, New Hampshire, Saco and Swift River Covered Bridges

Bob (my husband) and I decided a few years ago to find and photograph all of New Hampshire's 55 covered bridges, to date we have found all but three covered bridges and they are located in the North Country, we need to get there to complete our project.

Swift River Covered Bridge

Our adventure has been fun, exploring new areas to us around the state. I shoot repeat images of the bridges plus trying to photograph the bridges each season of the year and always looking for better lighting....always striving for a better shot of the bridges.

Saco River Covered Bridge


Julie said...

How lovely. I am glad they are still around and not vandalized like so many. Great shots.

madcobug said...

Great shots, That last one was really long. I would have loved to be fishing where those people were. Helen

Sunny said...

I love covered bridges. New Hampshire is such a lovely state and I'm not far away in Western Massachusetts.
Sunny :)