Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blue Ridge Parkway, Series 3

I should have included this picture with yesterday's entry. This image explains why the parkway is called "Blue Ridge Parkway."

Mabry Mill

When I knew we were going to VA to visit Reb, the one place I was hoping to see and take images was Mabry Mill. I have seen Reb's pictures and Vicki's, frankly was a little nervous mine would not be as good as theirs.

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rbrown6172 said... is beautiful!  i can't imagine anyone doing better than these. :)

madcobug said...

The second one of the water wheel would be pretty framed. The white ducks just sets it off. Helen

myrdog said...

can't decide if I like the second or the fourth one better. Do you charge for copies of your photos and how much?

rap4143 said...

I do sell my images.  It depends on the size print and frame.  If anyone is interested please contact me.



mariebm56 said...

Wonderful shots, Betty, your trip was so worth it!  You came back with such a variety of images....I love them all~

mamegirl said...

Your Mabry Mill pictures are EXQUISITE, Betty !!  The best one is the one with the pink flowers on the right, although all are spectacular!         -Mame-

radar446 said...

I've been close to the mill, but never quite made it up that far.  Beautiful photos!