Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Ridge Parkway Series Part 1

Stone Overpass

Barn With Red Roof

A Few More Barns

As you can see I took a bunch of images, more than I realized and more to come!!!! I had a wonderful time taking images with my friends :)


madcobug said...

I love photos of old barns and old houses. A gone by era. Helen

nhd106 said...

Ooooh...I just love all these pics....great job!


cmishvicki said...

Great shots, Betty! Love it down there, too.

mariebm56 said...

Lovely area, wonderful shots.  I love old barns & rustic building....I see you've been doing alot of traveling!

bendale said...

Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to get my camera out some more. My mother is in the hospital so things are a bit hectic this summer.

radar446 said...

I so love the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I need to get further up North so I can get to those barns.  


rbrown6172 said...

gorgeous!  love them all.