Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Few More Images Taken at Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

Old Building

Old Wagon

We found a few more photographic sites when visiting
Mabry Mill, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA.


radar446 said...

It looks like the lighting was nearly perfect for your day.   It really made the greens in the trees stand out.  I like the old wagon, never knew it was there.  Guess I'll have to drive a few more miles than I have before and pay the mill a visit.


mamegirl said...

Oh, Betty!  The wagon picture !! Absolutely perfect!  Couldn't have had better lighting for that one - the leafy shadows, the bright green of the sunny leaves, everything just soooooo perfect!  What a beautiful painting that would be.
Hmmmm, gives me an idea ... LOL!  Keep up the good works.    -Mame-

nhd106 said...

Great photos!