Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Shooting: Wishing Well

Make a wish....wishing well

It's been a few weeks since I have gone shooting.  I keeping hoping for snow, allowing me to photograph our snow events: dog sled racing, radar runs on the lakes, snowmobile races, ice skating and ice fishing tournaments.  Our lakes have not frozen over and we lack snow :(.  Looking at our weather, I might receive my wish four days of snow....bring it on!!!


cmishvicki said...

I really like the composition of this one. Hope you get the snow you're looking for.

radar446 said...

Vicki is right on about the composition.  I really like the way the rock balances the whole image .  I hope you get your four days of snow.  Or last weather system brought us lots of freezing rain...and that's about it.


firestormkids04 said...

Betty, I love this one.  Went over to flikr to see it larger.  As usual, a great shot.  Blessings, Penny

rbrown6172 said...

this is lovely.