Monday, January 08, 2007

Abandon Doll Carriage: Returned to fire ruins of the old house

Abandon Doll Carriage


 Propped Up Old Shed on the property

I posted pictures of the an old house Fire Ruins Of An Old Home we came across on our weekly back road's ride looking for scenic sites to photograph. 

Leaving the site, I walked by a doll carriage...the thought of carriage has haunted me enough to go back again to the site to take pictures.

A talent photographer, artist friend Benu (you can read her  Creativity--Bits and Pieces  journal) shared advice with me.  When you find a place to photograph, take the time to photograph all angles and subjects of a site. 

Returning yesterday the fireplace ruins I took a couple a weeks ago had completely collapsed.



radar446 said...

I'm sorry the ruins collapsed, but this just shows the desperate need of photographers.  You may have been (and probably were) the last one to photograph what was left of somebody's home.  Had it not been for you, that memory would have been lost forever.

Your friend is right.  To get the best photograph from a scene, you need to try from all different angles.  The way the light plays off of things is sometimes more important to the composition that working the most pleasing angle.

I like both of the pictures that you have posted.  I might would have wanted a shallower depth of field on the carriage to draw attention to it.  But looking at the picture, the tree is pretty close, so that might not be possible without going to post processing, which I wouldn't do, but is available.


rap4143 said...

Greg I agree with you but there was so much debree, I tried all positions...I did not want to disburb the setting around the carriage. I did my best :).

nhd106 said...

You captured something very sweet...


mariebm56 said...

You have found some really great places to photograph.  The carriage is great to shoot, but I agree with Benu, about the different angles.  Everytime I find a subject I alway try different angle & try to shoot from a place where no one normally will shoot from.  The carriage seems lost in the shot, even though it's a good subject.  I would try different effects in photoshop to emphasize the carriage.  Try using layers & the blur filter.  You can also try it in color .  This time of the year there is no color so whatever there is will stand out.  
Just my 2 cents...; )

mtrib2 said...

I can understand how with the debree you were unable to get the sun to your back and capture the highlighted side of the carriage.      However when I viewed it enlarged and the shed I could still see very good detail.      I imagine the carriage had to have been removed from being preserved inside recently to be in that good of condition.     The owner should take it to an antique's dealer as it is worth monetary and historical value.     A museum somewhere would love to have it!   I watch Antique's Roadshow on PBS regularly.    mark

lastregaangel said...

hi sunshine lady----"happy new year"------your question was  "do you agree with greg?"----------------actually, i don't--------my artist eye tells me the further away from the carraige you go -------the more dramatic the abandonment of the subject, the more interesting the photo------i would also like to see amore distant version in sepia------as always love "your" work-------------

csandhollow said...

Theses are great and sad pictures.
i love the black and white.