Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meet My Namesake "Rap"

Rap (photos taken by Connie)


Rap on the left and Reb on the right


Our friend Connie and her husband raise goats. Recently twins were born. Connie informed Reb and me yesterday she named the twins Reb and Rap.  What an honor...they are adorable.

Connie is a professional photographer check out her site  ''Capturing moments'' -- created with PhotoSite

While you are at it check out Reb's site also 
R Raybon Photography -- created with PhotoSite

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stupidsheetguy said...

LOL yayyy! That's an honor for sure!

Cute little buggers, aren't they?

radar446 said...

That is pretty cool.  Thanks for the links as well.


cmishvicki said...

Awww, those babies are so cute and you must be so proud to have one named after you. Adorable post, Betty.

mamegirl said...

To my mind, there's nothing quite so wonderful, beautiful, and amazing and enjoyable as a baby animal -- of any kind!!  (Oh, except a human baby that is!)  Thanks for sharing a peek at these sweeties, Betty and, if I were you, I'd be EXTREMELY honored!!   Thanks for the extra link, too!  Love to get those.            

nhd106 said...

Too cute!   You should definitely feel honored.


rbrown6172 said...

they are so precious!  a baby of anything is so cute and lovable.  :)

dornbrau said...

Awwwwww!  Who knew you were so cute!