Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ice Formations On The Side Of A Road

After months of extremely mild weather we finally are now experiencing winter in NH.  Taking ride and looking for views to shoot, I came across this beautiful ice formation on the side of the road.


rbrown6172 said...

it is beautiful!

cmishvicki said...

I guess ice formations are a pretty common site in colder areas like yours, Betty, but we rarely see these views in NJ. Lovely images!

nightmaremom said...

wonderful..... but damn it looks cold!  Kinda like home :)
love ya

cedarsonny said...

That is a neat formation.  If the sunlight was to shine through the formation,, at the right angle, I wonder what prism effects, if any, one could see.  From a far off vantage point, sunlight shining on this spot might resemble an extra-ordinary bright spot of sorts.

To me, this formation is odd.  Is there ice, as this, all along the roadside or just in this spot?  That's a lot of water to have frozen that way.  If just in this spot, then I would think there is some water source that has been diverted, in order for all that water to flow to this area, and hence cascade in this otherwise unnatural spot (unnatural "stream" path).   If this is the case, I wonder what water source has been diverted (to here) and how the source was diverted.... Ice jam, mini-landslide (of some sort), ???? (other).

The first pic indicates you are on top of a hill or rise, when taking this pic.  My assumptions, in the above paragraph, may be totally off base.  A significant water source, on top of a hill, may not be practical.   ...... I just don't know.  It just made me think, on the scene as a whole.... and those that might be just out of the picture.  Maybe I study (the images) too much, LOL.


stupidsheetguy said...

Well, as uncomfortable as the cold can be, there are some upsides to the winter. I'm glad you found and shared some of the more beautiful ones

radar446 said...

I am so jealous of these photos.  I have wanted for years to be able to capture some of my favorite waterfalls in this state.  Alas, it is looking like it will be next year before I can see that through...if then.


pharmolo said...

Interesting pics, Betty, not seen many like that before.

viviansullinwank said...

WOW it looks like winter wanted to make sure you would recognize it after such a long absence! :)  These pictures are awesome...the third/last one is my favorite.  Stay warm!


mamegirl said...

Hi Betty, Just a comment about the comment from "Sonny."  Evidently, he has never lived in New England or any other place where these ices form! such is his wonderment!   I do agree that some sunshine on the ice would have been an extra beautiful sight.  Maybe you can go back some sunny day.  Well, cold or not, these pictures just gave me such a strong need to bundle up and BE THERE!  Haven't sold my house here in Florida yet -- can't wait to get back to areas of Albany, NY and western Massachusetts!  Am always looking for more from you.     -Mame-

rap4143 said...

Hi all,

I want to thank everyone for you wonderful comments and challenges to you send my way, because of you, blogging is so much fun and I enjoy hearing from you!!! Sonny in particular, a close online friend, I always welcome his comments and I have to go back and try to obtain pictures with the sunlight shinning on the ice :).  

On the side of the roads in NH/New England roads, roadways mapped out, are blasted through granite/stone.  You will always find water seepage coming out of the rocks in certain sections on the roadways.  In the winter they freeze over forming the cascades of ice.  In this particular area there must a lot of water runoff, drainage is not problem they way the highways are constructed.

My photos were taken from the car window; I was unable to get out of the car. I would have preferred taking the images standing further back for a better prospect.


mtrib2 said...

A wonderful entry of the beauty of nature.    mark