Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weekend Shoot: Pemigewasset River

Pemgewasset River Winter Images

I love exploring back roads looking for images to take.  The Pemgewasset River caught my eye!!!  I do have a problem when taking images in the winter, the fear of the slipping on the snow and ice, landing in the river.



cmishvicki said...

Both of these images are beautiful. They really do 'show' how cold it is up there and the compositions are great. The names of places in NH are about as unpronounceable as the ones in Florida, LOL. I love reading them but really don't try to say them aloud. :)

cedarsonny said...

When I have the opportunity to be out and about, I try to make time for a walk further down stream.  When I come across a scene as this, I assume there is adventure and mystique around that far bend.  What did this view look like 200 years ago?  20,000 years ago?  What will it look like 200 years from now?  Etc.  At any particular time in its history, it is/has been a special place for some animal or plant and is an intergral part, yet unique in and of itself, of the whole that extends beyond the bounds of this frame.


radar446 said...

Burrr, it does look cold out your way.  I too enjoy walking deep into the woods to see what there is to see.  If only we had some nice snow covering to cover all this blah brown.


pharmolo said...

Be careful with the ice, Betty. Great winter pictures!

mtrib2 said...

Both of the photos are well composed.    I always wish that I could have had a shot without one large tree in the frame.     That is what is nice about being an artist is that we can just paint them out of the scene, lol.    mark