Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reply to Sonny's Post About Ice Formations on the Side of Roadways In NH

Hi all,

I decided to post my reply to my 
Ice Formations On The Side Of A Road to Sonny about the ice formations. After reading Sonny's post it occured to me some of you who live in the warmer climate, may never seen the ice formations.

That is a neat formation.  If the sunlight was to shine through the formation,, at the right angle, I wonder what prism effects, if any, one could see.  From a far off vantage point, sunlight shining on this spot might resemble an extra-ordinary bright spot of sorts.

To me, this formation is odd.  Is there ice, as this, all along the roadside or just in this spot?  That's a lot of water to have frozen that way.  If just in this spot, then I would think there is some water source that has been diverted, in order for all that water to flow to this area, and hence cascade in this otherwise unnatural spot (unnatural "stream" path).   If this is the case, I wonder what water source has been diverted (to here) and how the source was diverted.... Ice jam, mini-landslide (of some sort), ???? (other).

The first pic indicates you are on top of a hill or rise, when taking this pic.  My assumptions, in the above paragraph, may be totally off base.  A significant water source, on top of a hill, may not be practical.   ...... I just don't know.  It just made me think, on the scene as a whole.... and those that might be just out of the picture.  Maybe I study (the images) too much, LOL.

Comment from cedarsonny
- 1/27/07 8:50 AM

I want to thank everyone for you for your wonderful comments and challenges you send my way. Because of you, blogging is so much fun and I enjoy hearing from you!!! Sonny in particular, a close online friend, I always welcome his comments and I have to go back and try to obtain pictures with the sunlight shinning on the ice :). 

On the side of the roads in NH/New England roads, roadways mapped out, are blasted through granite/stone.  You will always find water seepage coming out of the rocks in certain sections on the roadways.  In the winter they freeze over forming the cascades of ice.  In this particular area there must a lot of water runoff, drainage is not problem they way the highways are constructed.

My photos were taken from the car window; I was unable to get out of the car. I would have preferred taking the images standing further back for a better prospect.


myrdog said...

That happens here in Alabama too if it ever gets cold enough to really feeze things good. Water oozes out of the banks along the highway. One year they were predicting a hard freeze and my daddy who was really something ran a water hose up into a tree and let it run over night. We woke up to a winter wonderland of ice. Poor tree, what a burden to bear. Here in Montgomery we seldom see ice or snow but up in North Alabama we have had some terrific ice storms. Beautiful but so destructive.  My daughter lives in Vermont. She is bemoaning the lack of snow because she works part time at a ski resort. I love your pictures.

cedarsonny said...

I guess it would have helped to explain that I am in south central Louisiana.  We don't have mountains or hills, no rocks or rock formations, with water seepage effects, and we don't have significant freezing weather to speak of.   I often let my imagination roam, but I try to incorporate logic and intellect (sic) into the equation, also.  What I really like is a good picture that incourages me to think beyond the bounds of the immediate frame.  It's like a test, within myself, to figure out what else is there.... The "Rest of the Story"!


mamegirl said...

Hi Betty,  Well, knowing that Sonny is in Louisiana, he really did need you to explain the ice formations along the road.  You did a really good job with that explanation!  And I, too, would love you to do some more "ice shooting" on a sunny day, from different angles.  Talking about this makes me all the more anxious to get back home up north!  By the way, the chapel picture and its stained glass window is lovely -- surely you want to go back on a sunny day and shoot that again, too, right?      Thanks!               -Mame-