Friday, February 29, 2008

Working On My Olde Tyme Scenic Prints and Framing

I have working on framing my Olde Tyme prints.  I am trying to identify, the farm equipment, trucks, cars in the pictures.  I would appreciate your help :).  Olde Tyme Scenic Images - a photoset on Flickr


radar446 said...

I really like the framing here, the tones and colors go wonderfully with the actual pictures.  I can't help much...actually any...with the identification I'm afraid.


oldetownephotos said...

Somebody needs to alert the "Extreme Home Makeover" Crew.  Can't help you there, but here are a couple of sites that may have some information on the equipment.  Nice pics and framing, BTW.
Clyde   The Natural Farmer / Northeast Organic Farming Association    The New England Antique Tractor and Truck Association    Tractor Clubs, Associatins & Organizations

cmishvicki said...

Betty, great job. They look wonderful. Sorry to echo Greg and Clyde--I can't help with your identification...good luck with that. :)

madcobug said...

I have identified a few Betty. There was one that looked like a wagon bed of some sort with the handles with two wheels which I think may be a one horse wagon. Helen

glensfork4 said...

I can't help with the buildings, but those are beautiful photos.


myrdog said...

makes me wish we could travel back in time.

gaboatman said...

These picks are great in their own right, but in these frames they are sensational!  I'd be proud to hang these on my wall anytime!  Nicely done!