Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Skid Abstract

As you all know, shooting has become a problem due to our snow. Pulling off the road is impossible because of the snow banks and no hiking the snow is up to my waist and higher.  Plus, I am frankly tired of taking pictures of snow.

Normally I would pass this skid business but stopped....thinking OK I might become creative taking picture of the skids. Desperation photography :).

Did I succeed? 


nhd106 said...

I'd say a big "YES"...
Very cool.  Also good to step outside the box sometimes.


cmishvicki said...

Betty, I'm sure you took photos from all angles...definitely something to play with! Have fun. :)

oldetownephotos said...

Once you've taken all the best pictures a person could hope for, it's sometimes hard to find something new.  I wonder if Ansel Adams ever felt that way? Desparation photography?  Is that like like sitting there with a full roll of film and nothing happening worth shooting?  It reminds me of the cartoon of the two vultures sitting in a tree and one says, "Patience, hell. I'm gonna go KILL something!"  Sorry to hear you're on the skids.  Great pictures, though. :-)
Ps.  Spring will be here soon.

rap4143 said...

Clyde you are hoot...on the skids LOL.

justplainbill said...

Betty, you did it again. I would pass a sitel like that and never think of taking a picture. I will I had your eye or a good pic, Bill

myrdog said...

looks good to me, interesting.

kirkbyj05 said...

I look for all sorts in a photograph and today I caught a glimpse opf sunshine sneaking through the shadows of the palletes onto the deep snow in the foreground.  It lent an atmoshpere;  Good picture Betty.#Hugs
Jeanie xxx
Loved Clydes joke.  lol!

mamegirl said...

Betty, That's very interesting ... I like the verticals and horizontals. Looks great in bl/wh ... I wouldn't have done it in color either!  Good eye, girl!    -Mame-

rbrown6172 said...

yes...it does make an interesting photo...and exhibiting it in b & w was perfect!