Monday, February 25, 2008

Northfield's Old Wood Shed Morning and Late Afternoon Shots

Late afternoon shots


Early morning shot (note the dark blue skies, black and white conversion does not work). Also I have found I do not care for sepia conversion of snow pictures.

Conversion in Black and White of the early morning shots did not work.

Saturday, late afternoon on the way home I spotted an old wood shed we pass very often, I decided to take a pictures. As you can see the stored wood is keeping the building standing.

There was a problem due to the snow banks we could not pull off the road, so I had to take pictures from the car hoping no traffic would come along.

I posted my pictures and sending out to friend...his suggestion was to go back retake the images with the sun behind me.  I know the right way of taking pictures would be with the sun behind my back but as a whim, passing by the shed, I took the pictures late afternoon. I did go back the next early morning and his suggestion was correct. The pictures certainly look better with right light.


cmishvicki said...

Interesting study, Betty. I do think there's a way to make that early morning b/w image work, using different conversion techniques, but I totally agree that sepia is not the way to go. Hope folks learn from your observations. :)

cedarsonny said...

Old wood sheds always attract my attention.  The Northfield name also attracted my attention, since I also associate it with the company that manufactures woodworking machinery, but that Northfield is in Minnesota.

Old sheds have an integrity all their own.  
Thanks for sharing, Betty.

nhd106 said...

I like reading about how people get their good (and not so good) shots.  I learn all the time!   I often pass a similar shed and have thought of stopping to shoot it.


radar446 said...

When you do the conversion try adjusting the color levels after the conversion.  Also, you will have to dial up the contrast a bit to make sure you have a true white and true black so all the other tones can be appreciated more.  Your 40D has a great feature that allows you to apply color filters when shooting in B&W mode.  This makes for very easy B&W shots with a strong visual appeal.


kirkbyj05 said...

This was a well worth stop.  I like photo number four Betty.  I am a beginner since buying my digital camera but so enjoy looking at your photos.  I hope to be able to take some decent ones one day.
Jeanie xxx