Friday, February 08, 2008

Winter Wonderland

View from my office window in the lower level of our house. You can see the snow is covering the window.

Pictures taken from my front can see I am running out of space to throw the snow. :)

I wanted to show everyone our Winter Wonderland.  My pictures were taken early this morning.


midwestvintage said...

Yikes, don't throw it my way please.  We were suppose to look that way by the end of the week, fortunately the snow missed us for the most part.


rbrown6172 said...

winter wonderland is an apt description.  it is beautiful.  i can't imagine dealing with that all winter long, though....we've had a dusting and a few flurries here.

myrdog said...

I am from Ala but I love snow. Maybe it's because we had it so seldom but when we did the excitement was wonderful. The thing I like best is to stand in the woods at twilight and see the sky turn darker than the ground. I just gives me a special feeling I can't describe. I have lived in places such as Indiana and Colorado where I had more than enough snow although when it snowed in Co the cold didn't hurt as much and the snow had a glittery sheen that reminded me of the snow on old Christmas cards. When I was in Vermont it seemed strange that people weren't out building snowmen and sliding down every little slope they could find. And of course the schools stayed open and the snowplows went by all the time. People didn't storm the grocery stores stocking up because there was one inch of snow predicted.

pharmolo said...

Very pretty, Betty. We had similar scenes last Saturday

oldetownephotos said...

Betty, you are making me sooooo jealous.  If payback for the nice weather we've been having is due, we're gonna have a blizzard.  Now you have a stockpile of great photos for your next Christmas cards.   Clyde

mariebm56 said...

We haven't had really any snow this winter...; (
Really want to take some snow shots for Xmas cards for next year.
I guess I can shoot some eagles, again, this weekend.....Ü

nhd106 said...

Nice winter shots...especially looking from inside a warm house!  Also, if those are purple valances...I like them!!


nightmaremom said...

better you then me :)  Great shots!

ma24179 said...

Beautiful pictures to look at but I am sure glad I'm not there! Too cold for me :) -Missy

doclove64 said...

Great pictures. Wow! Thats a lot of snow.

adlessor said...

Glad to be in Floida                     Dawn

fasttrack58 said...

So pretty!
Linda :)