Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cilleyville#16 Covered Bridge located in Andover - Winter

Cloned photo removal of the school bus, wires and houses.

Original photo with school bus, wires and houses
New Hampshire is know for 54 beautiful covered bridges, at one point in time we had 750 covered bridges.  TABLE OF CONTENTS - New Hampshire Covered Bridges

My husband Bob and I have traveled the state locating and photographing our covered bridges, when possible, different seasons of the year.

I took a photo of  Cilleyville#16 Covered Bridge located in Andover, a winter shot.  My original photo had a school bus, wires and houses.  I decided to clone out and make my shot an artistic winter photo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Betty -

With you're making the rounds of New Hampshire Bridges and your recent visit to the Cilleyville, I thought you might have interest in a back story on its history, and some insights gained while I spent a few months getting to know it -

Thanks for putting up your photos, I'll be sure to swing back by!

-- Will