Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cilleyville #16 Covered Bridge, Andover - Will Truax Added Information

I was very pleased to receive an email from Will Truax, timberframer, bridgewright, preservation carpenter, wooden bridge historian & blogger linking me to information he posted on his blog about restoration and local folklore when building Cilleyville #16 Covered Bridge.   Link to his entry Living Memory « Bridgewright, interesting reading. Will was a part of team restoring Cilleyville Covered Bridge.

About Wm. Truax

Proprietor at The Truax Timberwright Woodworks
I'm a timberframer and preservation carpenter, and regularly work on Covered Bridge restoration projects. Bridgewrighting can be a tough row to hoe, for a myriad of reasons. From scheduling issues to differing opinions and philosophies on what is appropriate in methods and materials, to multiple jurisdictions still not sufficiently vetting bidders resumes - Which is to say, just because a company is on that state approved list and capable of building that seven figure overpass, this does not mean they are capable of restoring a wooden bridge... So, I have much to say about all this and more - And despite my tough row observation, I promise not to whine.       


Vicki said...

Betty, will try to read the links you posted (when I get some time to relax)...but wanted to tell you I absolutely LOVE the image. What a great bridge...the blue of the sky, the snow, the flag, everything works in this!

Betty said...

Vicki thank you. I was so glad to be contacted and learned about folklore of the bridge history!!!