Thursday, June 03, 2010

Important Words From Tom Golaback

Tom was a close friend to my children and to us.

"Melanoma cut Tom's life so short. At his funeral mass today, Tom's brother Mike made wonderful euology and the most important message at the end of the euology was that Tom asked Mike to make sure all his friends and family took the time to check any changes in markings on their bodies, have annual skin scans (which take about 10 minutes) by their dermatologists and to wear sun screen. In honoring one of Tom's last wishes I am passing his and Mike's message on to all of you and hope you pass it on to everyone your care for. Rest in peace Tom; you will always be in our hearts."

Posted by Frank Pinto spreading Tom's request to have annual check ups and use sun screen protection. Please spread the word in Tom's memory, thank you from Tom's family and friends who loved him and will miss him.

YouTube - Bring him home - Colm Wilkinson

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A very sensible post!