Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeding Wildlife Concern and Information

A man feeding the fox, was sitting on the ground to left about 3 feet from the fox feeding and photographing.

New Hampshire and surrounding New England states, if you are lucky, you can view wildlife and enjoy wildlife. My favorites are moose, deer, bear and other beautiful animals live and run free in our area. I live in New Hampshire, I love viewing and photographing wildlife and birds but respect my distance, reading and educating myself about their habits and etc.

Please read this link to educate yourself hikeSafe - Wildlife Fact & Fiction I am posting this information out of concern after I viewed a man sitting on the ground about 3 to 5 ft from a fox feeding and taking pictures as he threw out food trying keep the fox close for pictures yesterday. Something could have frighten the fox and in an instant could have turned on the man who was feeding him. Tourist enjoy our wildlife but with a safe respect.

See you in New Hampshire, you will love visiting our state as you can see reading my blog!!!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Awww pretty fox! Did you see the one in the Darwin awards about the mother who was coating her son in honey so she could get a pic of the bear (yes wild bear) licking it off?

Betty said...

Oh dear you are kidding...sick people that have no clue :(.

Jim Arnold said...

Not to mention a Fox in the middle of the day are a bit likely to be rabid.

joven said...

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Nicole MacDonald said...

really I often think we should go back to the theory of survival of the fittest - cause the idiots are breeding!!