Friday, January 22, 2010

A Richard R. Geigle's Photographer Spotlight Feature

Richard R. Geigle

I received an IM a few weeks ago my friend Rick Geigle, USA 19420, he was going to be featured on Photographer Spotlight. Rick did not realize talented, Greg Kiser who publishes this feature is an old friend of mine, dating back a few years.

I would like to suggest you check out Rick's PHOTOTREK.446PHOTOGRAPHY.COM: Photographer Spotlight: Richard R. Geigle and his awesome sites geigledesigns' Photos- powered by SmugMug and his Flickr: geigledesigns' Photostream

If you like informative blogs, Photographer Spotlight, Behind the Camera, Tips and Tricks, Product Reviews and beautiful images, I would suggest also clicking and signing up to receive Greg's blog. PHOTOTREK.446PHOTOGRAPHY.COM

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Julie said...

Greg's articles are always interesting and I still have his tips printed and in my bag for certain shots. I remember when he featured me and he featured you also didn't he? He is a nice nice guy. And it was great to find Ricks sites. great shots.