Monday, January 04, 2010

Franklin, New Hampshire'sFirst Day, Kayak Run 2010

January 1, New Year's Day, Franklin, NH holds their annual Kayaker run, riding class IV rapids on the Winnipesaukee River. The event is always fun watching the brave kayakers riding the cold rapids, brrrrrrr.
You can find more images of this event on Franklin, NH First Day Kayak Run - a set on Flickr


madcobug said...

That water looks really cold. They have a lot of nerve to do that and it so cold. Great pictures. Helen

Linda :) said...

Oh such great photos!!
Happy New Year! :)

Max-e said...

That looks like total lunacy to me. I could not imagine anything worse, for me that is, than kayaking in a freezing cold river. But then it takes all types to make the world. Also an incentive to keeep the boat upright

Sunny said...

Oh that water has to be so cold, I'm chilled to the bone just looking at it! Great pictures!
Sunny :)