Thursday, March 12, 2009

Discovery: New Scenic Street (HDR Filter Playing)


Orton Effect

A few weeks ago we were exploring back roads, we went to a local town's ski slope to take pictures. On the way down the mountain, we took a left realizing we never traveled this part of the road. I am so glad we did, I will be visiting the unspoiled area different seasons to photograph.

I sent my pictures as I usually do to a few close friends (we exchange daily images we shoot). My friend Bruce a shooting partner, challenged me to try the Orton effect using an HDR plugin, RdDynaMix HDR for Photo Shop. Which effect do you prefer?


Julie said...

I like both effects, they each give the photo a different feel, one dreamy and the other slightly surreal. It is a lovely shot no matter how you do it.

Just Bill said...

Betty, I like the HDR picture best then the orginal the last one left cold (sorry I can't think of another word no pun intended). HD is that high definition?
Have a good weekend, hug, Bill

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great pictures

mtrib2 said...

I am trying to understand how to work with layers in my 1997 Paint Shop Pro. It is in between different effects that I see what I would like for personal preference. I like the angle created by the shoreline in the composition. mark

R's Musings said...

Hi Betty,
I just made my way over here through Nikon Sniper... I like the bright, colorful effect of the HDR the best.

I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ18 (superzoom bridge camera) that I got for Christmas '07. I haven't stepped over to a DSLR yet though I plan to at some point!

I also want to learn PhotoShop. We have PhotoShop 7; my daughter uses it alot, but I know nothing about it. Any suggestions on a good book?

Thank you. And nice to meet you! I'm enjoying looking through your photoblog.

Anonymous said...
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