Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anheuser-Busch Factory Tour and Photo Opportunity Of The Clydesdales

I have always wanted to take a tour of Anheuser-Busch Factory Tour in Merrimack, NH Bob (my husband) read the company was offering a photo opportunity with Clydesdales (the first Saturday of everyone month). I have always loved the Clydesdales, having the opportunity seeing the horses close up, even pet one and photograph was inviting. Gather my equipment we headed out.
Frankly I went to see the horses but while there we took the free factory tour and we were not sorry. The tour guide talked about the history of the company, the process of brewing and packaging. After the tour you are able to sample two glasses of free beer choices and pretzel. The hospitably room also offers soda for not drinkers like us.
The Old World style Clydesdale Hamlet, the stable and courtyard are where the east coast Clydesdale are based and pampered Clydesdales are housed.


Julie said...

The horses are beautiful. We always tour the breweries since my husband used to brew. I do find them interesting also. I would like the horses better though.

Just Bill said...

Betty, thanks for this post. I love the Clydesdales. Had the opportunity to visit Budweiser, ny favorite beer for 50 years, Plant in St Louis a couple of years ago and enjoyed the trip NH site looks a lot like the St L one.
Thanks again for the memories for me. Bill

mtrib2 said...

I know Budweiser was sold I think to Beck (German) which means International ownership. The love of Clydesdales will endure for the ages. mark

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