Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bob's Charting Out Tours of Sugar Houses and Maple Sugaring

Cooking down process, the smell is wonderful.

A display of grades of Maple Syrup

Pond View Maple Sugar House, Weare, NH

Maple syrup runs weather is warm during the day and cold nights.

March to us means New Hampshire's Maple Weekend, March 28-29, 2009. Bob found a site New Hampshire Maple Producers' Association - Welcoming Page This year we would like to visit and photograph different sugar houses. Bob is researching, mapping out, and entering the addresses in our GPS. We have a process .
We have found wonderful recipes, tasted freshly made maple syrup, sugar on the snow, learned about the grades syrup and cooking process. In addition I have the opportunity to photograph the sugar houses, process and scenery. You can view my previous year's images click on I'll be adding new images after the tour.


Julie said...

Betty, that sounds like so much fun. I would love an outing like that. I can't wait to see the photo's.

Shawn Kraus said...

Sound wonderful Betty, great idea with the GPS.

mtrib2 said...

I enjoyed seeing the photos of how and where the syrup is made. The golden tone colors in the sunlight make for a beautiful photo. mark