Friday, May 30, 2008

New England Photo Expedtion - Castle In the Clouds, Images Shot By Our Group

My image taken inside Castle in the Clouds,
Window Box Seat and  Needlepoint

Greg and Marie question me about  going shooting with a group and how it might stifle your creativity. I explained to Greg and Marie. You meet at a location, go shooting on your own, meet up for lunch, a few lingered and continued shooting or left.

When we returned home we posted our images on the site.
What is fun seeing the different angles, settings, the other people of our group shoot.  Images taken that day submitted.
Posted images from my group shoot last week
Photos: Castle in the Clouds - New England Photo Expeditions (Nashua, NH) -
A talent photograper friend, Gawdzilla sent out (author unknown).
You know you are a photographer when:

1. You paint the walls of your house skin tone colors so that you can do high key work, and replace your bathrooms with white marble tiles just because 'they'll photograph well'

2. You buy a chair on a whim because it will look good in a photo

3. When you turn you're head away from your computer screen and then realize your nose has a nice rim light around it from the side and you become annoyingly fixated on it.

4. When the contents of your camera bag = > 90% of your net worth

5, You try to remember back to when you would look at the world without visualizing or framing up a shot...evenwhen looking at some of the most normal things like..a light post and a car...

6. You walk backwards a lot

7. You put buying new gear before fixing your car

8. You go to garage sales strictly looking for props

9. You buy cameras as gifts for your family members so you don't have to take your gear or shoot snaps while on vacation

10. Every person you see causes you to think of how you could use them in a photo shoot

11. You cant go on vacation and turn it off because you are always saying to yourself "damn, that's a nice shot

12. You won't go outside until "magic hour."

13. You plan a photoshoot on your honeymoon

14. You have a cabinet full of hair dryers, flat irons, styling products, disposable razors and feminine products for no other reason than its nice to have on hand in case

15. Your pets hide from you because they know you are probably going to practice on them.

16. You think about buying store mannequins to practice shooting when real people aren't around

17. You notice that the grout in between the tiles is 18% gray...

18. You are out hiking with your dog and you take a snapshot of him without using the flash and he still squints out of habit

19. You make your spouse drive and keep a camera in your lap during the entire ride

20. You open you wallet and SD cards fall out

21. While standing in line at the checkout stand in the grocery store, you inadvertently hold up the line while you stare intently at the women's magazines trying to figure out how the cover shot was lit by studying the catchlights in the subject's eyes...

22. You can't find an image of you in any photos

23. Your girlfriend finds evidence of other women in the bathroom but only complains that you've left the toilet seat up...

23. You pat down fly away hairs on somebody's head on the elevator

24. You grab your daughters stuffed animals late at night to practice lighting because no one else in the family is awake to help out.

25. When talking to people, you assess how much healing brush their face would require

26. You realize that you will die hanging out your car window camera in hand taking your last picture as you careen over the guard rail into the other side of the highway


rbrown6172 said...

betty, i really enjoyed looking at the groups photos.  i would love to be a part of that...lotsa fun and making friends too!  

midwestvintage said...

 The shots were all great and I love the end, you know your a photographer, LOL.


lastregaangel said...

hi----sunshine lady-----i have gone on many group expeditions with some very fine, extraordinary artists (many professional)---------artists tend to stay together in a group-------i find it exhilarating and challenging------i focus on the subject to get a fresh and innovative idea---an idea that will make my painting "unique"------the results are always "better than i expected"------------nothing stimulates the creative mind like a little competition-------------i think it would be very interesting if you and other photographers (artists) all took a photo of the same subject-------i promise you will be amazed at the results------------your #1 fan------------s

madcobug said...

I enjoyed looking at all the photo's. I like the last part of your entry, You know you are a photographer when:Helen

radar446 said...

"You cant go on vacation and turn it off because you are always saying to yourself 'damn, that's a nice shot'"

I can relate to that all too well.  Actually, many of these I see in my own life and made me laugh a little bit.  I looked at the photographs from teh day and it was interesting to see how everyone decided to photograph some of the same things.


cmishvicki said...

Betty, looks like you had a great time--it's nice to spend time with people who have the same interests. I found it interesting that, while I'm sure most of you took a lot of the same photos, you mostly picked different ones to post. Since I frequently shoot with a small group, I've found the same thing here. We might all take similar photos, but the ones we like best are different. Our personalities become evident in what we choose to share. Great job was done by all. Thanks for sharing with us.