Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Time Shooting With New England Photo Expeditions - Castle On The Clouds

To view additional shots  bpdphotos : photos : Beautiful Castle In The Clouds, Perfect Day- powered by SmugMug

Quite a few months ago someone join the photo chat and mentioned about a photo group
  New England Photo Expeditions (Nashua, NH) - I checked it out and joined. You might want to check out  Meetup: World's largest community of local Meetups, clubs and groups! -  and see if there is a group near you or start up a group.

I was unable to attend their expeditions because Bob was recuperating from his knee replacement surgery. Finally I met the fantasic group at  Castle In the Clouds
and will be attending future shoots.


radar446 said...

Nice shots Betty.  I've wondered about going on group photography expeditions before.  I wonder how that would be since I seem to shoot better when I am all alone with my thoughts.  Seems like everyone in the group would have a different pace and go in different directions.  I would like to see how one works at some point though.


mariebm56 said...

These are lovely.
I agree with Greg.....even though it's nice to go with someone....too many people could hold you back & you could hold others back.  But I will aways welcome the company...Ü

rap4143 said...

I have gone a number of shoots with groups and people.  We meet at place go on our own and meet for lunch etc.  You have the option how you want to shoot.

I have also found group shoots are helpful finding new places to take pictures.


rbrown6172 said...

i would enjoy a group shooting i think, because as you said below you find new places to photograph.  your images are lovely.

nhd106 said...

How great, Betty!  the pix are lovely...
I will certainly check out the meetup group, so thanks!


inafrnz247 said...

You shared some beautiful photos from the day, Betty!  Thank you for introducing me to the group.  It was great to meet you!