Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunset And Reflection

Magic Hour Lighting (Thanks Greg).


Reflection and sunset

After dinner I wanted to try to capture a scene I had spotted last week, sunset on the river. The scene was not a front view of the sunset but turned around and found beautiful lighting. Because of the mountains the lighting is very short lived.

Information I found when researching sunset photography.

Turn around!

Many times we get so caught up in photographing the sunset itself that we forget about the beautiful light that is being produced by this modified light source. Turn around and take notice of the golden light a sunset provides.

I returned home put on my boots and went out on our golf course for sunset images. The grounds have huge puddles from snow melt offs, introducing a great opportunity to include reflections with my sunset images.



cmishvicki said...

Betty, I love them all, but especially the river photos. Great find!

radar446 said...

Yep, the sun will really change the lighting on things that are bathed in its rays.  It is called the magic hour as the sun rests on the horizon.  That is some of the best light out there.  Nice work.


pharmolo said...

I'm glad to note that the 8 feet of snow have practically gone, Betty. Gives some great reflections in the sunset!

nhd106 said...

Brilliant Betty!  That's your new name...lol.

Such pretty photos....thanks for the tips too.


rbrown6172 said...

these are sooo pretty!!

luvrte66 said...



oldetownephotos said...

I have loved your snow images, but these new ones of the snow receding and giving hope to Spring are my favorites.  And when enhanced with the low light, they are awesome.  I also like the way you remembered to get horizontal and vertical versions while you had the great subject to work with.

mariebm56 said...

The bottom images are amazing, what a difference the time of day is!
Thanks again for the links, I'll check them out later & past them on the challenge journal when we do this as a challenge!
Excellent idea, Betty!!!!

inafrnz247 said...

These are stunning, Betty...  There's nothing quite like the setting sun, casting orange and gold rays through along the yard, through my window and pouring into my living room.  I LOVE that.  

But outdoors, especially A. through the trees, and B. on a beach ~ is where I enjoy it most.  There is nothing on earth quite like the setting sun.  Except of course, the rising...  ::smiling::