Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob, Rare Goose Photos :)

Happy birthday Rob (our son) and happy April Fool's Day :).

Sunday we visited a few more sugars houses.  Bob spotted  flock of goose, resting on someone's front lawn and driveway....naturally we had to stop to take pictures....could it be a rare bird siting?

Returning home, working on the images I sent to my bird watching friends to help in identifying.  At first Donna thought they might be rare goose visiting this area.  Further investigation, she realized they could be domesticated goose. 

I wrote to our state, Jane from NHFG, forwarded my email to someone who could identify my goose.  The mystery was solved "Farm Yard Goose" French Toulouse. Sigh, wildlife another unsuccessful wildlife story :(. LOL.   


madcobug said...

Happy Birthday to Rob. Those are good pictures. I noticed they had found a spot where there wasn't much snow to stay for a spell. Glad that you found out what kind they were. Helen

nhd106 said...

How cool!  and I would NOT call that "unsuccessful" at all!


sugarsweet056 said...

Wanted to pop by & say hi, now that I have my alerts back on. :) Beautiful pics, as always!
HB to your Son. {{}}
Have a grand week.

libragem007 said...

that's a lot of goose, first time I see that kind....
picture perfect!
Gem :-)

mtrib2 said...

The goose siting made for some interesting photos.  A late Happy Birthday to your son Rob.   mark