Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Look and Feel Of Spring In New Hamphsire FINALLY

Rivers and streams are flowing, ice is melting.

Our ride this past weekend (the sun was shinning, no snow, cool) we drove passed another pretty view this one on Rt. 103, and had to back up so I take a image.

I love sharing our beautiful scenic areas our state offers.


madcobug said...

This is very pretty with that snow capped mopuntain in the background. Helen

mamegirl said...

I'm just crazy about this one, Betty!  "Our neck of the woods" is one of the more beautiful places on earth.  When I get to the Berkshires for the summer, maybe we could meet somewhere for a day of shooting!   -Mame-

nhd106 said... purdy.


rbrown6172 said...

you do live in a beautiful state, and i really enjoy looking at all your beautiful pix.  :)  i hope one day to visit your wonderful state.

radar446 said...

Love the mountain peeking over the trees in the distance.  This is a very beautiful scene.


inafrnz247 said...

I smile at the familiarity of this calming, scenic view, Betty....  You really managed to captured Spring beautifully!  Thanks for the inspiration to get myself out there soon.


myrdog said...

very nice picture. my daughter in Vermont is missing the dogwood trees that we have in Alabama.

libragem007 said...

looking at this picture makes me feel like I'm right there.
Gem :-)