Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Hampshire's Primary Is Tuesday and The Campaign is Ruining Our Lives <Grinning>

I live in NH and our primary is this Tuesday.  HELP!!!!! Our phone is ringing off the hook for the last few weeks but this weekend is least 20 phone calls and two visitors from Obama's group. The phone JUST rung again from Hillary's campaign people....inviting me to a rally tomorrow night.  The phone before that one...I yelled at my husband I am going to get that one...I was ready to attack...when I realized it was our son!!!! A phone call from family was not expected.

Nightly News called to interview me....keep in mind I am not politically motivate at all ...I will vote, period, nothing more. I did watch the debates last night and it helped me make up my mind...not voting ......kidding I have picked my candidate.

Candidates must not know when dinner time is in NH,  because most of the phone calls ring at that time!!  What is not fun my husband is still recuperating from surgery. So if the door bell rings I am the one who has to answer the door and their timings are all off, I am usually in the bathroom and I hear Bob YELLING "BET the door bell :(."

After my two good looking, young men (Obama's) left, the photographer in me realize I just missed a photo opportunity...I should have invited them in to take pictures. Oh they will be back ...they were here yesterday also :).

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cmishvicki said...

Betty, I'm so glad I don't live in a caucus state! I would have had my phone off the hook and missed the phone call from my son. LOL Just remember that we'll be getting it for a lot longer--our primary is on Super Tuesday...and NJ is a player. :(

libragem007 said...

Guess Obama's gonna keep your phone and doorbell  busy...
I don't know which one's to say..Goodluck or Have fun? :-)
Gem :-)

fdtate714 said...

You have my sympathies.  I would hate to live in an early primary state or a battleground state.  You people just get hammered.  I'll bet the TV ads are fun too.

nhd106 said...

Do you know about the "Do Not Call" registry?  It's very legit and it works.  Let me know if you want the link.


rap4143 said...

Nanci I am on the list but it does not apply to elections and campaigns. :( ONE MORE DAY!!! Exactly at 9 AM the phone calls started have to keep a sense of humor...right?


pharmolo said...

Just listening to a report on your primaries lol Betty. I wish you strength

mamegirl said...

Betty, as Nanci (#4) said ... the Do Not Call Registry really does work (but you have to register, you know? LOL!)  I've been on it since 2003 and am so glad.  The exception is that any "charity" call CAN get through to you ... like State Troopers, Police, asking for a donation, but you can't always be positive that it's really who they say they are so it's best to just hang up!  If you get a call from other than a charitable organization, you can report the call but you have to get the name and/or phone number of the unwanted caller, then report it to the Registry.   Here's the phone number for the Registry:  1-88-382-1222.
Once you register, it's good for 5 years then you call and register again.
It sure is worth the minute it takes!!

mamegirl said...

I made a boo-boo with that phone number.  It's 888, not 88.   -Mame-