Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Dinner Guests "Wild Turkey"

Arriving for dinner

Strutting his stuff

Check out my other images of the flock. Guess Who Came For Dinner "Wild Turkey" - a photoset on Flickr

Bob noticed the other day, a few wild turkey forging for food.  We have about three foot base of snow on the ground which makes finding food difficult for the turkey to find food...we decide to start feeding them for that reason.

I sprinkled the feed on top of the snow. The turkey
(30 turkey) discovered the food, which consists of sunflower seed, nuts, cracked corn.

You might want to check out  Wild Turkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


madcobug said...

That is good of you to feed them. I know it is hard for them to find food under all that snow. Made for some pictures. Helen

nhd106 said...

Wow...nice shots.   That was nice of you to feed them.  Kinda makes it difficult for me to have a turkey sandwich after this though.   : (


rbrown6172 said...

i love wildlife.  it's great that you are feeding them.  these are great shots.

mariebm56 said...

Ü  Cool shots~

midwestvintage said...

  I love your turkeys.   We get them also, they are pretty common around here and can be pesty but I like them


gaboatman said...

Great shots of the birds, Betty.  Wild turkeys are so skittish it can be hard getting good shots of them.  I like the fact that you are helping them forage during the periods of deep snow.

stupidsheetguy said...

Very cool. (are we allowed to say "cool"?  :)  )

salemslot9 said...

strutting his stuffing
just kidding...