Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mallard Couple Forging For Food

Yesterday was the first day in over 5 weeks I went shooting!!!! It felt soooooooooooo good!!!

On the way home, in Sanbornton, on Rt. 132, there was a small bridge crossing, I glance to my right and saw a beautiful site.  We back up the car, I grabbed my camera, walking very carefully on the ice, crossed the street, straddled a 3 feet snow bank to position myself for a few images.

Guess what I found...mallards!!!! Brrrrrrr that water had to be COLD.

You can find all my images clicking on, Flickr: Photos from bpdphotos 


oldetownephotos said...

5 weeks without shooting ???  Or do you mean since you actually put some clothes on and went out trekking?  If I had to go that long, I'd go crazy with cabin fever.  My computer crashed, thanks to McAfee, but that didn't stop me from getting out and exercising my trigger finger.  I was disappointed in the recent snow flurry, but just bundling up and doing a walk-about did me good.  Hopefully I can keep this computer running on a wing and a prayer long enough to post my entry in the lastest Photo Challenge.  Nice ducks, btw.


cmishvicki said...

5 weeks!!! OMG, I'd be photographing the grass in my backyard. Actually, my bird feeders are very unsuccessful this year. Not many takers for all the wonderful food I've supplied. Anyway--nice commitment on your part Betty to venture over ice and snow to get this photo! Good one.