Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vertical Use Of My Wide Angle Lens (17-40)

Decorated Light Post With The White Stuff

White Birch In Black and White

Fog, Street Light, Mailboxes

I wanted to test the lens to see how it would work, using the lens vertically.  I was pleased. 




rbrown6172 said...

beautiful...especially the first and last shots. looks cold!!  lol

pharmolo said...

You've done well with that lens, Betty. Enjoyed your snowy pics - no snow here.

adlessor said...

Wonderful.      Dawn

mariebm56 said...

Very nice, Betty!  Man you have a lot of snow!!!
It felt like spring down here in NY the other day~

mariebm56 said...

PS...nice "about me" portrait!!!

nhd106 said...

I don't blame you for being pleased...they came out great!


mamegirl said...

Oh, Betty!I just love the first one .. the light post with the "white stuff."
I used to have a lens like that; it took pictures both ways.  Glad you're enjoying yours!             -Mame-

cmishvicki said...

Betty, congratulations on the new lens (I'm SO jealous!)...and I really love the center photo of white birches!

gaboatman said...

The snow decorated lamp post would make a beautiful Chirstmas Card cover photo for next year!  They are all good, that is a great wide angle lens and the vertical use of it seems to work well on tall subjects.