Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Images

I wanted to take a few images of snow, since I had a few requests.  The snow is now above my knees, walking was not easy but still refreshing to get outside for a few minutes. I need a dog sled to get around now <grinning>.

More SNOW today and shoveling :).  

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gaboatman said...

The snow is so beautiful in the pictures.  It hides the reality of how cold it is and the hassle we humans have in coping with it.  If we could just look at it like in these pictures and not have to go out in it, lol.

radar446 said...

Up to your knees huh???  I can only remember one time that we had snow like that here.  It's sleeting a little bit here right now...that seems to be the extent of our winter weather.  Beautiful pictures, Love how the sun is streaked acrosss the snowy ground.


pharmolo said...

Don't over-exert yourself, Betty

rbrown6172 said...

beautiful pix!  i can't imagine dealing with that much snow every year!  we may get 1 or 2 inches a couple of times a year here in n. alabama....believe me, that's enough!  lol

mamegirl said...

Hi Betty!  I figured you'd be coming through with some snow pictures any day now.  These are wonderful!  Wish I could be there.  I know some people reading
this will think I'm crazy but they don't know that I'm a true Yankee living in Florida and always loved the snow ... and never minded the cold either.  That's easy ...
just stay indoors!  LOL!  Thanks for these great pictures.       -Mame-

nhd106 said...

Real pretty...espec. like the first.