Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Wild Bird Blog for Nature Enthusiasts

White Breasted Nuthatcher

This past passed winter we decided to feed the birds again. I cannot tell you the pleasure we have received watching, identifying the birds and naturally taking images of the birds.

I am very fortunate to live close to the Duncraft store and deal with Shelby, the owner's daughter who runs the store.  Duncraft Bird Feeders, Seeds, Houses and Baths. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I receive their newsletter and notice they also publish a very helpful blog. Wild Bird Blog for Nature Enthusiasts - Duncraft's Blog

I hope you find the above links helpful if you are bird watcher.


madcobug said...

Your picture is beautiful. Thanks for the site. I have been posting a few bird pictures lately. I have also been watching an Eagles nest which I have the site listed in one of my entrys.Helen

cmishvicki said...

Betty, that's a beautiful photo. I already purchase from Duncraft and subscribe to their newsletter. It's a GREAT resource.

rbrown6172 said...

beautiful...i love it!

mtrib2 said...

I like how you have captured the bird looking right at you.    The soft pastel background is excellent.    The Blue Heron photo's are wonderful!    mark