Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Canoeing The Merrimack River


Mother's Day we took a ride and located Sewall's Falls Recreation area NHDES Watershed Management Bureau: Rivers Management and Protection Program (RMPP). Biking, fishing, canoeing, hiking and birding area.

We met Ron Vercellone, a canoeing instructor and his nephew AJ launching their canoe on the Merrimack River. This was AJ's first time canoeing on a river; Ron reported back, his nephew managed very well.

Ron also is a English teacher in MA, his school is planning a canoeing trip in June.

We actually begin our trip in Plymouth, NH on June 16. We paddle down the Pemigiwasset and eventually the confluence of the Pemi and the Winnepasaukee becomes the Merrimack in Franklin, NH. We should reach Sewall's Falls by June 19 approximately 4:30 - 5:00 pm.


nhd106 said...

That's great...looks like a wonderful day.


mamegirl said...

Hey, Betty!  In 1952, just out of high school,  I worked in Plymouth, NH as a Western Union Telegrapher and so well remember the river and the lake - unforgettable places of beauty!  Thanks for reminding me!