Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yesterday's Walk On The Golf Course: Images

Having a few busy days, I decided to take a little time for myself and walk the golf course close to sunset to see what I could find. I turned around noticing the sunset shinning on the trees.

Not sure about the images....I would like to hear your opinion :).


boiseladie said...

I think they make interesting shots.

gotomaria said...

I haven't visited your journal for awhile but notice what great photos you have been taking.  These photos of the sun on the trees are amazing.. I was wanting to see what they looked like a little larger....it looks like orange paint splattered across the trees....cool effect.   I'm looking for a new camera.  Mine is wearing out and it's old.   What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures?  I want something small and compact so am not looking right now for a digital SLR....but maybe I should be...the quality here is very nice.