Monday, November 13, 2006

Taking Images of Birds, A Real Challenge

I have a new respect for people who take pictures of birds :). It is NOT easy!!!

First of all finding the bird is a challenge. When you find the birds, they don't pose for the camera!!!! I have learned to be quicker.... zoom out to locate the birds and then zoom in closer to the bird and snap away, ASAP. I am slowly getting the hang how to go about doing this :). I am getting into bird watching....what fun...I wish I had started sooner.

I decided to feed the birds again. I used to feed the birds and stopped because of the bears (they will hibernate in the winter) and it a try again. Over the weekend I bought suet feeders and next weekend adding two more polls to attach to the deck adding one more feeder and a place to hang the suet. I cannot forget a heated bird bath. The following week the pigeons will arrive and I'll have to take everything down :(.

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