Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Golf Course Pictures Challenge

My photo for Charlie and Greg's Challenge

The sunset pictures I posted, I knew something was lacking but was not sure what :). My mentor Flatland Photo mention the lack of subject. Yesterday another good friend Greg of
Photo Trek
sent me an email and with his permission is allowing me to share as a learning tool :). I would like to thank both for their help!!!

I wanted to reply to your entry with the golf course shots, but didn't really want to go rambling in the comments section. Here's what I think...

The time of day is awesome for photography, the way the golden light plays off of your subject is just about always flattering. The light in this case brings the tree trunks out of the shadows and highlights them, drawing the viewer's attention right to them. Now for the part I didn't really want to post publicly, for me, the shots lack order. I'm not able to pick out a path where my eye needs to go. I end up scanning the entire image looking for an anchor, or a strong point of interest, and this scanning detracts from the experience.
Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and I am sharing the critique with you because I know you, like me, are wanting to create more than just a snapshot. You have a perfect time of day picked out, and looks like a great area for photographs (from your sunsets, I got the idea of the lay of the land). These shots just leave me wanting more. However, the comments that you have gotten already, show that others are enjoying the pictures, and ultimately, that carries much more weight that my opinion.

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