Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer's Ending In the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Sunset on Newfound Lake

Labor Day Weekend, our last summer weekend, kids are going back to school, tourist are packing up, returning home. You can start to feel a touch of fall in the air. 

Bob and took a ride to Bristol,  Newfound Lake, NH,  Tuesday night, taking in a sunset.  I found an opening, spotting the sunset shining through a summer home's porch windows, a beautiful reflection of the sunset on the lake and started shooting through the trees from the street.   The homeowner curious,  came out to see what I was doing and invited me to come onto his property to take a few photos.  Imagine living with this nightly view.

We live in a beautiful state.


Candace said...

Gorgeous photos! We definitely live in a beautiful state!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We won't disagree with that last statement, Betty. Thanks for the encouragement on our home selling venture. We are at a standstill with only a single showing since listing in May. However, we are not discouraged (much) and don't plan to come down to the level of bargain hunters, which is what the realtor told us people want these days.

We enjoyed meeting you and Bob too.