Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Get Lost On Backroads Photography: Doe and Fawn


A few weeks ago, riding backroads, Bob spotted a fawn and doe.  Beautiful lighting really highlighted the beautiful pair.

Our friend Gerry took a look at the photos and mentioned to Bob the fawn is a young one, he is hunter :(.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Betty, glad to see you re back to blogging and i will admit that while I have been posting, I've fallen behind on reading blogs so this has been catch-up week for me. Nice to read about the family reunion and to see the Gettysburg photos, one day we will get there when we go to PA. We've been playing catch-up since returning home a couple of weeks ago, Still no movement as far as the house selling, so we keep on doing things we enjoy. We will be on another short road trip this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Great getting to meet you and Bob and look forward to reading more of your adventures online.
Sorry to add this, but the word verification is so hard to decipher especially for tired eyes :-( This is my third attempt to post this comment.

Betty Pauwels said...

It was so nice meeting you and your husband. I hope your home sells quickly!!!

I do hate the word verification but it sure does help on spam...sorry.