Sunday, August 19, 2012

American Idol 2012 Concert

Bob and I attended American Idol's concert at Verizon Wireless Center, Manchester, NH.  Listening to the talent of 2012 group, we really enjoyed.

Phillip 2012 winner, did not disappoint, his talent was obvious, adorable young man. Joshua received a standing ovation (my personal favorite), Elize talent really showed in her performance lasts night. All of American Idol's top 10, Jessica, Hollie, Skylar, Colton, Deandre, Heejun, Erika, were outstanding.

I am looking forward seeing which direction their careers and talent will takes them.


Salvatore said...

I like that shot! What was this image taken with?

Betty Pauwels said...

Sal with the camera of my other editing. Not easy to capture and the only shot that worth showing.