Friday, July 08, 2011

Featured Photographer: Polo Photographer Charles Loy

"Handsome Thoroughbread"
Check out the definition of the horse's veins captured, sharp photo.

Polo Action Shot

One of his many published works.

I have grown to respect and enjoy all types of photography, scenic, stills, street people, sports and etc.  The reason why I decided to share my friend Charlie Loy Polo photography with you.  You will see why, his work is outstanding.

When I first "met" Charles Loy, professional photographer with over 25 years of experience, was during AOL's photo critique's chat, run by Erwin Seigal, AOL Chat Host at the time.
Charlie's first featured photo I was introduced to during the critique chat, was a portrait titled "Handsome Thoroughbread."  This shot was one of the best photos I had ever seen. I started following his
Polo- Horses and Riders photos he photographs for The Fairfield Polo Club.

I realized photographing polo was not an easy job, capturing the movement of the game. His photos are sharp, always well exposed, lining up the riders and horses in a frame is always perfect.

I am not familiar with Polo, after checking his photos and reading his descriptions under his photos, become a learning tool about the sport and polo terms.

How could you not admire the beauty of the game and horses after viewing his work. 

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